Sunday, October 30, 2005

New Kent Harvest Ride

New Kent County had a Harvest Ride prior to their Harvest Festival and they couldn’t have picked a better day. Detailed queue sheets with rides from 12 to 100 miles were available and fully supported with nice rest stops all for free. All of the routes for the most part follow low traffic historic roads on which the biggest change from 150 years ago is the asphalt pavement.

We cranked out 25 or so miles on the tandem because my daughter can only get so excited about cycling as she doesn't want to was just wonderful...its great when you can ride in a long sleeve wool jersey and not feel hot or cold…


Blogger Maureen said...

Best wishes with your cycling! I love to ride as well, but have never had opportunity to go any great distance. I suppose I never shall, either...ah well. May you have meny pleasant adventures.


6:21 PM  

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